Retail Bakery EPOS System

The POS Logix EPOS system has been designed specifically for the Retail Bakery industry. The system can give your organisation a leading edge, cut down on wastage, improve profits and centralise management.

Key features of the POS Logix EPOS system for Retail Bakeries

  • Till Sales and Refunds
  • Wastage Tracking and Analysis
  • Predictive Product Ordering
  • Sell-out Time Tracking
  • Centralised Management of Pricing at all outlets
  • Back Office Reporting of all branches
  • Automated Heated Food VAT and Price Adjustments
  • Store Supply Ordering and Delivery Management
  • Stock Control and Adjustments
  • Supplier Ordering
  • Conditional Offers
  • Inter-branch Messaging/Memos
  • Discounts and Price Modifiers
  • Coffee Machine Order Dispense Printing
  • On-screen Table Layout
  • Cash Functions (Till Lift, Till Drop, Float)
  • Payment Funcitons (Bill Splitting, Cashless Payments)
  • Integrated Card Payments
  • Staff Time & Attendance
  • Expenses
  • Order Parking
  • Order Cancellation Reason Tracking
  • Customer Database and Loyalty
  • User Access Rights and Role Management
  • Mobile Stock Taking Terminal
  • Service Charges