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The POS Logix Electronic Point of Sale system is a fresh look at EPOS and sets the standard for intuitive touch screen user interface design.

From the outset we have designed our software to be user friendly and follow common user interface trends that people are already familiar with.

Over the last 8 years we have been working in partnership with businesses with real business requirements, in order to build our advanced Point of Sale system.
The system is not only feature packed but is easy to learn and easy for business owners to migrate to.

Why choose our system?

Our software has a simple and easy to use design that makes it easy for users to grasp.

We don't just write EPOS software, we're here to help you at every step in order to make the most of your EPOS system.

A purpose written cloud synchronisation system allows information to synchronise between each device in real time, allowing you to keep trading even if the internet connection goes offline. (excludes online card authentication)

The system uses professional Point of Sale hardware and is scalable from one to many sites so it can grow alongside your organisation.

With a wide range of modules to choose from POS Logix Sales terminal is the ideal choice for businesses large and small.

Product Features

Touch Screen Sales Terminal

Runs on most Windows based touch screen systems and desktop PCs

Online Accessible Back Office

Access your Back Office functions securely (SSL) from anywhere using a web browser, much like you would with Online Banking

Scalable for multi-site organisations

Our purpose built synchronisation framework allows you to manage and consolidate multiple stores and even websites together in one reporting dashboard

Easy to learn

Simple and easy to use, built using modern user interface trends that most users are already familiar with


Our software is compatible with most OPOS compliant EPOS hardware. Including Receipt Printers, Customer Displays and Cash Drawers


All businesses work differently so our software is designed to be flexible. We can also assist you by tailoring the system to fit your needs, also by writing bespoke modules if required

Consise end-to-end tracking

All financial and user activity is tracked and recorded for ultimate accountability

Online management and reporting

No need to install complicated software on your office PCs, all you need is a compatible browser and an Internet connection. For more info about our back office click here

Integrated Card Payments

For more information about our approved Chip and PIN solution providers click here

Inventory Management

The system allows you to track the stock of individual items, or at ingredient level where items you sell can be made up of several different stock units click here


Enter the conditions of your offers and the system will apply them automatically. Click here for more about Conditional Offers
Use your till screen as a time clock, requiring that staff clock-in and clock-out of each shift. Biometrics can also be added for user identity confirmation
The system allows you to track the stock of individual items, or at ingredient level where items you sell can be made up of several different stock units. Click here to read more about our Stock Control module
Keep track of your Customer's purchases to drive targeted marketing and loyalty discounts. Our customer database allows the creation or manipulation of customer records from either the Sales Terminal or Back Office, forming one central customer database across all sites
Sell membership subscriptions (e.g. spa/gym/club/trade) that automatically expire after a set period of time
Assign a telephone number to your customer records so that they are selected automatically when they call
Provide credit or allow your customers to purchase credit for later use with 'pay on account'
Use fingerprints as a means of secure user authentication. For more information click here

Manage your EPOS system from anywhere using our online backoffice solution

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Possible System Configuration

The system is built on our purpose written synchronisation framework that can transfer information to and from remote sites over the Internet in real-time.
This gives you the added benefits of a fully connected system, with all the flexibility of cloud.

Possible EPOS System Configuration
Integrated Accounts
Cloud Back Office
Store 1
Store 2
E-Commerce Website
Integrated Chip & Pin
Cash Drawer
Receipt Printer
Kitchen Printer
Label Printer
Barcode Scanner
Weighing Scales
Customer Facing Display
Fingerprint Biometrics Reader

Industry Specific EPOS

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