How to choose good passwords


Are you still using the same password on all sites?
Take a look at this great video from Dr Mike Pound at Nottingham University on how to choose a Password.

This will really open your eyes to the importance of spending a few moments to choose secure passwords and breaking old habits.
Watch on Youtube:
Visit Computerphile Youtube channel: Computerphile
Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Biometrics Authentication


We have recently added the ability to connect digitalPersona fingerprint readers to our POS Logix Sales Terminal.

This allows users to Enroll up to two fingerprints on the system and then use either one to sign on quickly and securely at any Point of Sale terminal.

Whilst we already had support for iButton and Swipe Card authentication, feedback from our customers has always been that they aren't a perfect solution.

This is primarily because users often lose or forget to bring their card or keys with them. Swipe cards can also very easily get cracked and damaged and require additional admin to reproduce them.

Biometrics add an additional level of accuracy to Time and Attendance recording via the Sales Terminal system, ensuring that all staff members have to physically attend site to be able to clock-in.

We decided to work with digitalPersona following a review of various Biometric readers on the market. Having tested 3 different devices we found that the digitalPersona 4500 series of readers to be the quickest and most reliable during repeatability testing.

The design and build quality of the readers is set at a very high standard. The devices will complement our software and also work well in both the Retail and Hospitality industry setting.

We have discovered that there are also panel mountable digitalPersona readers available on the market so this may be useful for Kiosk Point of Sale applications.

Please contact our sales team if you would like to know more and get biometrics enabled at your company.

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