Conditional Offers

Our EPOS Till System makes it possible for users to manually apply discounts at point of sale.
The Conditional Offers module allows these discounts to be applied automatically based on the items that have been added to the order.
If a discount is applicable, the order amount is automatically adjusted at point of sale.

Conditional Offers are configured centrally in the Back Office by means of creating a list of actions to be applied when a series of conditions are met.

Examples of conditions include:

  • Number of items on order
  • Number of items on the order that are part of a product group
  • Day of week
  • Hour of day
  • Month of year
  • Order Destination (Eat In, Take-way)
  • A particular item on the order
  • Store/Till
  • Staff

  • This allows for many offer combinations to be created such as:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Meal deal
  • Friday Pizza Offer
  • Spend over £15 and get 10% discount
  • Spend over £100 and get 40% discount
  • All burgers half price on Tuesdays

  • Management of Conditional Offers

    Conditional Offer Actions

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