Coffee Shop EPOS System

In today's economical climate running a successful Coffee Shop is extremely difficult. There are so many constantly changing variables to keep track of such as trends, advertising, stock levels, staff and HR, suppliers, promotions, guests to name a few. To what may look like a simple business to run from the outside, is often the exact opposite.

With all of the above challenges it goes without saying that use of IT is an essential part of the running of a Coffee Shop.
We have developed our EPOS system to help manage these challenges so that you can get back to driving the business, rather than getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of it.

Key features of the POS Logix EPOS system for Coffee Shops

  • On-screen Table Layout
  • Coffee Machine Order Dispense Printing
  • Stock Control and Adjustments
  • Supplier Ordering
  • Conditional Offers
  • Till Sales and Refunds
  • Inter-branch Messaging/Memos
  • Discounts and Price Modifiers
  • Cash Functions (Till Lift, Till Drop, Float)
  • Payment Funcitons (Bill Splitting, Cashless Payments)
  • Integrated Card Payments
  • Staff Time & Attendance
  • HQ Ordering and Delivery
  • Expenses
  • Order Parking
  • Order Cancellation Reason Tracking
  • Customer Database and Loyalty
  • Back Office Reporting
  • User Access Rights and Role Management
  • Mobile Ordering Terminal
  • Heated Food VAT and Price Adjustments
  • Service Charges