Integrated Chip and PIN

POS Logix Ltd have teamed up with 4 of the UKs largest card payments solution providers

  • Take payments quickly with ‘Contactless’
  • No need to key in payment amounts and no opportunity for human error
  • The payment amount is sent automatically to the Card Terminal
  • Fast and secure authorisation over the Internet
  • No separate card receipt printer, all receipts printed at the Till printer
  • Full integration with the Till X and Z Reports
  • Supports all major credit and debit cards
  • Provide cash back to your customers
  • Supports customer not present/telephone order payments
  • Unlimited number of transactions per month
  • Supports pre-authorisation transactions
  • How it works

  • When processing an order and choosing a ‘card’ tender type, the system automatically prompts your staff to ask the customer to insert their card into the machine

  • The payment amount due is sent to the card terminal and is shown on the terminal screen

  • The customer enters their PIN and presses the green Accept button

  • The server will then see the authorisation status on the screen Authorised (green) and Declined (red)

  • Merchant and Customer receipts are printed at the Till receipt printer

  • If the transaction is successful the order clears and the system is ready for the next customer

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    What is PSConnect?

    PSConnect is a unique product that will completely change the way you take payments. It creates a seamless link between your EPoS and card machine, making it quick and easy to take card payments. The software is built in to our card machines and works with almost every type of EPoS system in the current market.

    What are the benefits of PSConnect?

    4x faster payments

    An average sale takes over a minute to process. With our integrated solution this is reduced to 20 seconds, helping you speed up and improve your customer service.

    Cash up in minutes

    Reconciliation is fully automated. There’s no need to cross check figures against end of day reports when doing your final settlement.

    Protect your profits

    Automatic settlement allows you to keep track of every transaction, removing any opportunity for theft.

    No human error

    Integration guarantees payments are always 100% accurate, so you’ll never have to worry about over or under charging customers.

    Pay at table

    This unique service allows you to print a bill and close off a table directly from the card machine. There’s no more running back and forth from the table to the till.

    Why choose PSConnect?

    PSConnect is the easiest way to integrate your EPoS and card payments.

  • Free card machine installation
  • Choice of static or portable terminals
  • 24/7 UK based customer support
  • Next-day terminal replacement
  • Automated till roll delivery

  • About Paymentsense

    Paymentsense is the UK’s largest merchant service provider, helping thousands of small and medium businesses save on their card payments every single day.

  • 50,000 happy customers
  • £4 billion processed per year
  • 98% of customers recommend us
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