Time and Attendance

Timesheets allows you to keep track of your staff working hours. From when they first login to the Till system and start their shift, till when they logout and end their shift, they will be required to confirm their start and end shift times.

These are then saved in the Cloud and accessible via the Back Office. You can manage your Timesheets and are able to export a Report as well.

Starting Shift

When a staff member begins their shift and logs into the Till, they can select the "Record Timesheet" button to start their Timesheet. This will begin to keep track of the time until the staff member completes their shift and confirms they have finished.

This function by default required manual user action to start monitoring the time. However, it may also be set to automatically pop-up and start monitoring the time as well.

Starting Shift

Ending Shift

When a staff member finishes their shift, they can once again open up the Timesheet pop-up and confirm that their shift has ended.

If a staff member forgets to end their shift, a warning message will be displayed on the End of Day Report screen. These can be sorted through the Back Office.

Ending Shift

Managing Timesheet Records

In the Back Office, you easily manage your Timesheets. Searching for specific dates will bring up the information for that query, from which you have the ability to View, Edit and Delete any entries. There is also an option to manually Add a new Timesheet Record and will be visible like the rest.

The records are sorted by Date/Time automatically. For a better visual experience, the start and end Dates/Times for each staff member are linked to each other, whereby hovering over a record with your mouse will not only highlight it, but also it's matching counterpart.

Manage Timesheet Records

Staff Timesheet Reports

In the Back Office, you can also search and view Timesheets as a Report. This displays the data in a simple table structure.

In the Report, the last column shows the total earnings calculated based on that Staff member's hourly rate and how long they worked for.

You are able to Print out this report as well.

Staff Timesheet Reports